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Cella - Shaving Soap in Bowl

by Cella
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A classic Italian style soft soap is scented with a crisp almond oil fragrance. It has been family made since 1899 and is a must try for every wet shaver.
Made in the classic, Italian-style, this is a soft soap that explodes with lather. Load your brush in the tub and then face, palm, or mug lather to get a prodigious amount of white, foamy lubrication. This is a tallow-based soap that will leave you with a face as smooth as you can imagine.

With an amazingly crisp almond oil fragrance this lather-rich shave soap cream gives a super-clean shave. The aroma isn't overpowering or overly sweet. Just a classic scent.
Packaged in a classic red, sturdy container perfect for traveling. Size: 150 gr.

Made in Italy

Customer Reviews

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Jeff Mox
Cella is great!

Been using this product exclusively for 8yrs. Lathers great, the almond scent is a bonus. I get 7mos. of use out of each tub shaving twice each morning.