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Dovo - Classic Straight Razor, Black Handle, 5/8" Half Hollow Ground

by Dovo
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This 5/8' straight razor has a half hollow ground carbon steel blade with round point. The high performing steel is etched "Solingen Best Quality". The razor is finished with a black cellidor handle which is easy to use. This an excellent straight razor for beginners and people who prefer a robust and straightforward blade. 

This is an elegant straight razor and one of the best values we have and it's the perfect introduction to traditional wet shaving. Half hollow ground blades are much more flexible than flat ground blades and vibrate slightly when in use. However, they are not as flexible as a straight razor blade with a full hollow grind. Some straight razor users appreciate these blades because they offer a compromise between flexibility and rigidity.

Dovo Straight Razors come with a factory edge that is guaranteed for 2 years. 

Made in Solingen, Germany


Customer Reviews

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Great blade

This is a great beginner blade for those who want a traditional shave