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Dovo - Shavette Straight Razor - Stainless Handle

by Dovo
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Dovo Shavette is a straight razor with interchangeable blades. It can be used just like a classic straight razor. The possibility to change the blade makes it extremely popular in barbershops because every customer receives a fresh blade. Due to its stainless steel construction, it is also suitable for use with disinfectants. It's a strong tool ideal for those new to the world of fine shaving, and perfect for achieving an easier alternative to straight razors. 

This razor comes with 2 clear holders and 1 regular double edge razor blade. Additional clear holders or razor blades can be purchased separately.

Clear Holder - The clear holder uses a standard double edge blade, split in two or a single edge razor blade. 

DOVO's expertise crafting beautiful straight razors and shavettes spans more than a century. Made in Solingen, Germany. 

Customer Reviews

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Dovo Shavette Review

I have a Dovo Black Star razor (well worth the investment). I also have the plastic (Black) Dovo Shavette that I have used when I need a quick shave. The plastic version was light and I felt myself "pushing/pulling" instead of the razor naturally "gliding" across my face. The stainless steel version has a little weight to it which allows this to happen. First try with the stainless steel version (using derby blades) and the shave was far superior to the plastic version. For quick convenience, this is the way to go. Also, not a bad option for learning as opposed to putting up the money for the actual straight razor investment. Either way, you can't go wrong with Dovo.