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The Goodfellas' Smile - Shibumi Straight Razor Kamisori - The Original

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Shibumi - Japanese style free-hand razor with interchangeable blades

The new free-shaving razor with interchangeable blades "Shibumi" is a product that is innovative in many respects. It mounts regular single edge razor blades and is designed with the smallest details in mind to guarantee maximum shaving comfort.
Forged in a single curved piece, Shibumi is the ultimate expression of simplicity, rigor, balance and maneuverability.

It is made of steel covered with "black" anti-rust industrial Teflon.

The material with which the handle is covered (manually wrapped by expert craftsmen), allows a firm grip throughout the shaving while the absence of the closable handle is the total synthesis of shaving.

Weight: 44gr
Length: 17cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Alexander D. Coutinho
Its where the weight is.

So 4 stars. For the price, the weight, design, everything is flush and smooth. Atleast mine is. Its a slide razor that looks like a kamisori. So there is a slide holder for the razor. It is not a pinch so im dissapointed. The weight is good! However, its all in the back and not in the razor handle where it needs to be. It feels good in the hand, but if it were heavier at the head it would be a solid 5x5. All around its cool. Kai standard is what i use normally. Thanks

Jonesy Jones

It's a really good trimming razor for me, my hair is tough & course, i have to shave backwords to get fine results, so my demands may not be fair to this razor, i wouldn't cuta field of tobacco stalks with my riding mower either, thou this razor is good.