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Boker Straight Razors

Boker straight razors are crafted with precision to produce one of the best classic straight razors in both material and design.

The renowned Boker brand has over 150 years of expertise in creating innovative and functional blades and razors, with a passion to produce only the highest quality products.

The exquisite Boker classic straight razor offers a trendy shaving experience while producing a clean and skin-friendly shave every time. Our broad collection includes Boker stainless steel straight razors and carbon steel straight razors with an extensive range of unique straight razor handles, otherwise known as ‘scales’.

Shop the range of Boker straight razors today and enjoy a quality classic shaving experience!

  • Boker - Julian's Barbershop, Straight Razor 6/8" - New England Shaving Company
    Boker - Julian's Barbershop, Straight Razor 6/8" - New England Shaving Company
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    Boker - Julian's Barbershop, Straight Razor 6/8"


    The 6/8" blade with traditional square head - optimal for drawing sharp contours - was burnished black. The handle is made of white Elforyn with a ...

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    Original price $349.00 - Original price $349.00
    Original price
    $349.00 - $349.00
    Current price $349.00

How to Sharpen Boker Straight Razors

Sharpening a Boker straight razor involves a series of precise steps to ensure the blade maintains its optimal edge for a smooth shave. 

Begin by assessing the blade for dullness. Use a honing stone with a grit of 4000 to 8000, wetting it with water or honing oil for lubrication. 

Hold the razor at a 20-degree angle to the stone, sliding it in an X-pattern to sharpen evenly. Apply consistent, gentle pressure. 

After honing, strop the blade on a leather strop to align the edge, preparing it for use. 

Regular maintenance, including daily stropping and periodic honing, keeps the razor in excellent condition, ensuring a comfortable shaving experience.


What do I need to know before buying a straight razor?

Before purchasing a straight razor, it's important to familiarize yourself with the various aspects that differentiate one razor from another. The grind of the blade, such as hollow or wedge, affects the shave's closeness and the razor's ease of use. 

The blade material is also a key consideration, with carbon steel offering sharpness but requiring more maintenance to avoid rust, and stainless steel providing durability and less maintenance. 

The handle, or scales, can be made from materials like wood, horn, or synthetics, influencing the razor's balance. Understanding the maintenance involved, including honing and stropping, is crucial, as is the skill level required for safe use. 

For beginners, a shavette might be a more approachable option to start with.

How many years does a straight razor last?

A straight razor can last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. The longevity of a straight razor makes it not only a practical tool for daily grooming but also a potential heirloom. 

The key to its durability is regular care, including proper cleaning, drying, honing, and stropping, which can preserve the razor's edge and prevent rust or damage.

How often should I sharpen my straight razor?

Sharpening, or honing, a straight razor is typically required every 6 to 12 months, depending on the frequency of use and the type of blade material. 

Regular use necessitates frequent stropping to maintain the edge's alignment for a smooth shave, but when the razor starts to tug at the hair or fails to provide a clean shave even after stropping, it's time for honing. 

Properly maintaining the blade's sharpness is essential for the best shaving experience and to extend the life of the razor.

Are Boker straight razors shave-ready out of the box? 

Yes, Boker straight razors are shave-ready straight out of the box. This means they have been honed and sharpened by the manufacturer to a level that is suitable for shaving upon purchase. 

However, it's always a good idea for users to check the razor's sharpness and possibly give it a light strop to ensure the best possible shave. 

Keep in mind that over time and with regular use, any straight razor will require maintenance, including honing and stropping, to keep it in optimal shaving condition.