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Merkur Safety Razor

Delve Into the Traditional Way of Shaving

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New England Shaving Company provides the widest selection of double edge safety razor blades available anywhere

Doube Edge Razor Blades


“Excellent price and service from the New England Shaving Company."

JS, March 2022

"This has been by far the best service I have ever had being a new customer. Thank you for taking care of my order in a quick method. You guys are the best."

Brian A. Reppert, MMS, February 2022

"The team at New England was prompt and courteous in responding to my inquiries. The razor is of the highest possible quality."

CW, December 2021

"Fast shipment and quality product at a reasonable price. "

VSJ, July 2020

"Very happy with my purchase and superb customer service."

Enrique, November 2021

"Great razor with fantastic service. Received many extra blades to try."

JDV, October 2021