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This is a superb shaving brush. It’s a beautiful simple design, holds the lather well, and no animals were harmed in making it. The service at New England Shaving Company was also excellent and the shipping prompt.

John N., December 2023

"I can say only great things about New England Shaving Company. Their Customer Service is tops. After giving a wrong shipping address in my purchase I sent them an email with the correct address. They almost immediately responded and my product was sent correctly to me. Add to this that their prices are fantastic as well. It was great doing business with them.

David B., August 2023

"New England Shaving's price for this razor is the lowest around, and it was shipped and delivered to me promptly."

WS, March 2023

"Much credit to New England Shaving Company! My order was dispatched and shipped to Bermuda very efficiently and everything was as advertised. Thanks for the complementary stainless steel NESC shaving bowl. Much appreciated and I will definitely be back for my next shaving purchases. Great to deal with NESC."

DW, March 2023

"Excellent razor paired with an Astra. If you have a light touch then it’s nothing to fear. Very efficient. Well made. Quick delivery. Excellent service."

AK, January 2023

"Love it!!! Outstanding company."

GG, December 2022

"This is a superb shaving brush. It’s a beautiful simple design, holds the lather well, and no animals were harmed in making it. The service at New England Shaving Company was also excellent and the shipping prompt. "

JN, December 2023

"Fantastic product. My first Kent brush and I am glad I purchased. Amazing service first rate experience"

WJ, October 2023

“Excellent price and service from the New England Shaving Company."

JS, March 2022

"This has been by far the best service I have ever had being a new customer. Thank you for taking care of my order in a quick method. You guys are the best."

Brian A. Reppert, MMS, February 2022

"The team at New England was prompt and courteous in responding to my inquiries. The razor is of the highest possible quality."

CW, February 2022

"Close shave, perfect weight. Great price. Fast delivery."

LD, May 2022

"Fast shipment and quality product at a reasonable price. "

VSJ, July 2020

"Very happy with my purchase and superb customer service."

Enrique, November 2021

"Great razor with fantastic service. Received many extra blades to try."

JDV, October 2021

"I am extremely pleased with this razor and the service exceeded all my expectations."

MS, April 2022

"Bought this as a gift and the recipient was thrilled. Shipping was fast, well packaged. I would absolutely buy again."

KB, March 2022

"This is my first time in quite some time using a safety razor. The razor feels very good in the hand and does an excellent job shaving. The is the first razor I have used where I can go against the hair for a very close shave and not have skin irritation. I would highly recommend the Merkur 42C. Doing business with New England Shaving Company has been one of the most pleasant experiences I have in a long time. I will continue to be a customer."

ST, October 2021

"Terrific product by Merkur, the longer handle is especially handy for me. Delivery was super quick and well packaged. Great customer service!"

JA, February 2022

"Great razor. Buy it you won't regret it. New England shaving is tops too!"

Paul, October 2021

"So far my dealing with New England Shaving Co has been great. Plus I prefer buying from small companies."

PI, April 2023

"So I am am Edwin Jagger customer now. That being said- New England Shaving company is a 5 star operation. "

RE, August 2021

"I love this product, i have used it for a few years now and would highly recommend it. New England shaving Company were great to shop with."

JR, June 2023

"My order at New England Shaving was processed, shipped and delivered promptly. "

WS, March 2023

"Combined with the green preshave and aftershave is a great shaving experience! Refreshing is the right word. Excellent price through New England Shaving Co, and speedy delivery too! Great job!"

KK, December 2022

"Excellent soap. Really like the smell and the refreshing menthol. New England Shaving company is fast on shipping and I highly recommended this company."

BT, January 2022

"This was my first time buying from your company. You were prompt and kept me informed of delivery status. This is the first time I have tried Taylor Old Bond shaving soap and I am very pleased with it. It has a nice rich lather, it lubricates well and has a pleasant scent."

BC, March 2023

"Extremely pleased with the product. But the star of the show is the service. This is what customer service should be. I highly recommend."

MK, November 2021

"This is a wonderful brand to use every day. The price / quality is just right. New England Shaving is very reputable"

RF, August 2021

"Very easy process to order, fast to ship, quick to arrive. Can’t ask for much more. Excellent experience!"

SH, July 2022

"Hello, well, first of all,I am very pleased with the friendly service of N.E.S.CO. The product in question ,Formula T Barbershop Shave Soap, is exceptional. It lathers up to a nice cushiony protective layer. Other Soaps that I have tried dont measure up to the Quality of Formula T soaps. The risk of nicks is greatly reduced, making this soap, and shaving for that matter, something to look forward to. Thankyou New England Shaving Soap Company and the team."

JB, May 2021

"A nice somewhat sweet warm comfortable smell. Very rich and smooth. No nicks. That being said- New England Shaving is the safest and most honest company to deal with. Their prices are lower than from the mfr."

RF, August 2021

"Every extro soap I have tried so far is 5 �. This one has a gentle incence smokey vibe going on. Very rich. New England Shaving has the best service around."

RF, August 2021

"I have spent more on other well-known brands and they are not as good. Plus New England shaving company is highly reputable. They fix problems."

RF, October 2021

"I have never bought a shaving soap or razor blade that didn't exceed my expectations. I have nothing but high praise for The New England team and Soap Company. Thank you."

JB, June 2021

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