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The difference between open comb razor and closed comb razor

Open comb vs. closed comb razor

The difference between open comb razor and closed comb razor.

When it comes to traditional shaving, many beginners often wonder about the difference between open comb razors and closed comb razors.

The comb refers to the head of a double edge (DE) safety razor, which holds the razor blade and connects to the handle.

An open comb razor features a row of teeth just below the razor blade that help guide the hair for a finer shave. The open structure of the razor head prevents clogging, particularly suitable for those with longer beards.

On the other hand, a closed comb razor has a straight safety bar along the length of the razor blade, offering an extra layer of protection. This makes it a popular choice for beginners, although experienced shavers who prioritize safety also enjoy using it.

Should I use an open comb or closed comb razor?

The decision to use an open comb or closed comb razor ultimately depends on your level of expertise and personal preference. Starting with a closed comb razor can be a safer option for beginners, allowing you to gradually improve your technique before transitioning to open comb razors or even straight razors.

Regardless of your choice, achieving a good shave starts with proper preparation. Ensure you thoroughly wet your beard before shaving by taking a shower or washing your face with warm water. This softens the whiskers and prepares them for a smooth shave. Additionally, always use a high quality shaving soap or cream. 

We hope this clarifies the distinction between open and closed comb razors. If you have any questions or would like to contribute to the discussion, please feel free to reach us.

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