Merkur - 34C Extra Thick Handle Safety Razor
Merkur 34C Safety Razor
Merkur - 34C Extra Thick Handle Safety Razor

Merkur - 34C Extra Thick Handle Safety Razor

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Merkur 34C is one of the most popular 2 piece Merkur Safety Razors with a 3" long knurled non slip handle with a thicker grip and finished in chrome. Crafted and constructed with German engineering and manufacturing. This safety razor is also called Heavy Duty or HD. 

This is not a very aggressive razor and will be suitable for new enthusiasts entering the classic shaving world as well as experienced shavers. 

Classic, sturdy, and built for longevity, Merkur is the highest grade of excellence. 

Made in Solingen, Germany.

Customer Reviews

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Bobby Teo
Merkur 34 C

Razor is very good for newbie (not aggressive). New England Shaving Company is a very good company to do business with fast shipping and reasonable prices.

Kenneth Lang
Great Shave!

Excellently made, great fit and finish. Comfortable weight. Positive threads, no slippage. Would buy again.

First Timer

I purchased this razor after years of wanting one and after two weeks of using it I am incredibly happy with the product. There was a little of a learning curve with the proper angle, but if you've been shaving for awhile, you will pick it up quickly.

Steven Goodman
Great bang for your buck

I am new to wet shaving and bought a grocery store DE razor to try. After a few shaves I decided to pick up a Merkur 34C and immediately realized what all the chater is about, this is a great tool. I don't know that I will buy another razor anytime soon. And the team at New England Shaving is also one of the best customer service businesses I have dealt with.

Good Start

Good razor to start with - solid and well made. Only negative is I wish the handle was slightly longer.