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Casswell Massey

Casswell Massey

Caswell Massey was originally founded in 1752 by a Scottish doctor, Dr. William Hunter, who has created the first American Fragrance, sold in the collection today as “Number Six”. Casswell Massey products have always been manufactured in the USA, for nearly three centuries, in order to ensure that quality is maintained and that attention is paid to detail at every step in the process.

Caswell-Massey proudly offers a range of shave soaps & creams expertly crafted to include the all-natural ingredients your sacred morning ritual deserves. The premier hot-pour shave soaps simply provide the best shave a face could want. The shave creams are presented in a beautiful jar with a gold cap for those seeking modern convenience.

Caswell Massey

Caswell-Massey was founded in 1752 as an Apothecary in Newport, RI. The company has since become known for its quality ingredients used in creating their products. They have always been committed to providing customers with high quality simple ingredients that are safe, natural, and effective. 

Quality ingredients make all the difference when it comes to shaving products. By using natural ingredients like essential oils instead of artificial fragrances or synthetic preservatives, Caswell-Massey is able to create a product line that is gentle on the skin while still delivering exceptional results. In addition, the brands' dedication to sourcing only premium raw materials ensures that each product is made with unrivaled purity—something that can't be found anywhere else on the market today. 

Hot-Pour shave soaps as well as shaving creams with signature scents have been the choice of some of the world's finest barbers and used daily by generations of American men

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