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Men shaving with Dovo straight razor


DOVO straight razors have been handcrafted to perfection since 1906 in the bustling town of Solingen, Germany. These razors are precision-made from high-quality materials such as bovine horn and ebony wood to create what DOVO calls “the steel masterpiece,” a superior shaving product with unmistakable quality. 

Using a DOVO classic straight razor can elevate your shaving experience, allowing you to take your personal grooming to the next level. The unparalleled precision of a genuine DOVO ‘cut throat’ razor will leave you feeling and looking your best. 

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More About DOVO

Every great brand has a great story, and DOVO is no exception. The company, first founded in 1906, proved to be a force to be reckoned with thanks to its high-quality razor blades and ability to recognise that shaving should be a luxurious experience, not just a daily task.

Renowned for durability and precision, DOVO's products cater to traditional wet shaving enthusiasts and professionals alike. 

Whether for daily shaving routines or professional barber use, DOVO's range of straight razors, safety razors, and grooming accessories embodies the perfect blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology. 

Its commitment to quality ensures each shave is not just about grooming but a time-honored ritual, making DOVO a revered name among those who value the artistry and heritage of shaving.


Where are DOVO razors made?

Though it has evolved considerably over the years and acquired multiple brands, such as Fontana, Tennis, and Bismark, DOVO has always stayed true to its roots. 

The company remains in Solingen, where razors are still produced over a century after founders Dorp and Voos first launched their business. 

Is straight razor shaving worth it?

In today’s modern world, we are always looking to cut corners and make time-consuming tasks quicker, but some traditions should never be sacrificed. 

Straight razor shaving is more than just a means to an end; it’s often considered an art form. Some straight razor users simply love the nostalgia and the moment of calm it affords them in an otherwise non-stop world, while others enjoy the supreme closeness and precision these expertly crafted products can facilitate. 

There’s no denying that straight razors give a superior shave in many ways, not least because of their longevity. Although it may take a certain level of practice and skill, the results are often more satisfying and longer-lasting than typical modern-day shaving methods. 

Straight razors, including those made by DOVO, allow for a more controlled shave, minimizing skin irritation and reducing the likelihood of ingrown hairs. 

Additionally, straight razor shaving is seen as a more sustainable option, with a single blade lasting for years, cutting down on waste associated with disposable razors.

What makes DOVO straight razors unique?

Understanding what makes DOVO’s products unique is key. When you choose this brand, you’re not only buying a high-quality product, but a slice of history. 

  • Traditional Craftsmanship: Each DOVO straight razor is painstakingly made by skilled artisans in Solingen, Germany, a city renowned for its centuries-old blade manufacturing tradition. 

    The razors undergo detailed handwork, including forging, grinding, honing, and finishing, ensuring unparalleled quality and precision.

  • Premium Materials: DOVO uses only the finest materials to construct their straight razors. High-quality carbon steel or stainless steel blades are precision-ground to razor-sharp edges, delivering smooth and precise shaving experiences.

    The handles are made from various materials, such as exotic woods, durable acrylics, or genuine horn, offering both beauty and functionality.

  • Heritage and Tradition: With over a century of experience, DOVO has earned a reputation as a symbol of traditional German craftsmanship and excellence.

    The brand's commitment to quality and innovation has made it a favorite among shaving enthusiasts worldwide, with many considering DOVO straight razors as heirloom-quality pieces that can be passed down through generations.

  • Versatility: DOVO offers a wide range of straight razors to suit different preferences and needs. From classic designs with elegant scales to modern variations with ergonomic handles, there's a DOVO razor for every style and preference. 

  • Exceptional Performance: Known for their superior shaving performance, DOVO straight razors deliver exceptionally close and comfortable shaves.

    The precision-engineered blades glide smoothly across the skin, effortlessly removing hair with minimal irritation or discomfort. Whether you're a seasoned wet shaver or new to straight razor shaving, DOVO razors offer a shaving experience like no other.

How long will a DOVO straight razor last?

When properly maintained, these razor blades can last a lifetime. The longevity of a straight razor is one of their most appealing attributes. 

With the proper care practices, straight razors can serve their owners for decades, making them not only a practical choice for daily shaving but also an heirloom piece to be passed down through generations.

How do I care for my straight razor?

Caring for your DOVO straight razor is essential to maintain its performance and lifespan. Here are some tips to keep your razor in top condition:

  • Rinse Thoroughly: After each use, rinse your razor under warm water to remove any shaving cream, hair, and debris. Be sure to rinse both the blade and the handle thoroughly.

  • Dry Completely: Carefully dry your razor with a soft, clean towel after rinsing. Ensure all moisture is removed from the blade and handle to prevent rust or corrosion.

  • Strop Regularly: Stropping is a crucial step in maintaining the sharpness of your razor's edge. Use a leather strop to gently realign the blade's edge and remove any microscopic burrs that may have formed during shaving. Strop your razor before each use to ensure optimal sharpness.

  • Store Properly: Store your razor in a dry, well-ventilated area to prevent moisture buildup. Avoid storing it in a damp environment, such as the bathroom, as this can promote rust and corrosion. Consider using a protective case or pouch to keep your razor safe when not in use.

  • Oil Occasionally: Periodically oiling your razor can help protect the blade and prevent rust. Apply a small amount of mineral oil or blade oil to the blade and pivot area, then wipe away any excess with a clean cloth.

  • Avoid Dropping: Handle your razor with care to avoid dropping or knocking it against hard surfaces. Dropping a straight razor can damage the delicate blade and compromise its performance.

By following these care tips, you can ensure that your DOVO straight razor remains in excellent condition for years to come, providing you with a close and comfortable shave every time.

Are DOVO straight razors suitable for beginners?

DOVO offers a range of razors, including models designed with beginners in mind, featuring smaller blade widths and more forgiving grinds. 

Additionally, beginner-friendly resources, such as instructional videos and shaving guides, can help new users navigate the process effectively. With patience and practice, you’ll soon become a straight master. 

Are DOVO straight razors suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, DOVO straight razors are suitable for sensitive skin. Their precision-crafted blades and meticulous grinding process ensure a smooth and comfortable shaving experience, minimizing irritation and razor burn. 

Additionally, many DOVO razors feature ergonomic designs and high-quality materials in their handles, providing optimal grip and control during shaving. However, as with any shaving tool, proper shaving techniques and skincare products tailored to sensitive skin are essential to achieving the best results.