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Feather - Popular Double Edge Razor

by Feather
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A Feather classic! Lose yourself in the sumptuous old tradition of classic wet shaving with double the pleasure with today’s safer technology of the Feather Double Edge Razors. The economical Popular Double Edge Razor brings back the wonderful feeling of yesterdays double edge razors but with greater control of each stroke plus a closer shave than multi-blade cartridge razors.

The 'Popular’ features a throwback butterfly twist open shaving head to easily change and secure the blade. The 'Popular’ is economical and eco-friendly.

Taking good care and having a good technique is key to minimizing cuts and enjoying the ultimate shaving experiences.

Old school double edge razor design with a butterfly head opening.

Includes 2 Feather Hi-Stainless Double Edge Blades. Can be used with any standard double-edge blade.

Made in Japan.

Customer Reviews

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Ron from Lynn MA
Feather tto very pleasantly surprised

Pleasantly surprised. The head is the perfect size for under the nose. I have seen other reviews call it too light in weight for a starter razor it is just right. I must experiment but the shave is amazing. I need to put the feather blade in another razor to see what happens. It shaves many times above the cost