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Merkur - 23C Long Handle Safety Razor

by Merkur
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Merkur 23C is the long handle version of the 3 piece Merkur 15C Classic Safety Razor with a 4" long handle for comfort & control and is a favorite for both men and women.  Finished in chrome, the razor has a knurled non slip handle. Crafted and constructed with German engineering and manufacturing.

Merkur 23C is a great razor for the new enthusiasts entering the classic shaving world but is also favored by veterans due to its sleek look, durable hardware as well as the close comfortable shave achieved.

Classic, sturdy, and built for longevity, Merkur is the highest grade of excellence. 

Made in Solingen, Germany.


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Mike Smithwick

This has been by fare the best service I have ever had being a new customer . Thank you for taking care of my order in a quick method . You guys are the best. I like the way you keep in contact to make sure the product is delivered on time👍

Don't be scared!

I'm a woman and I shave underarms, legs, bikini area, etc. I wanted to reduce my plastic waste as I've always used disposable razors (usually the blue fixed head ones.) People kind of scared me about this, but it was absolutely easy! I have been using it over a week and haven't nicked/cut myself at all. Very comfortable grip, feels balanced and feels good on the skin. Really enjoying it! If you're new to this, the long handle - it means it's basically the same length my disposable was.

William Mosca
Nice change from multi-blade razors

In the last few years my skin has become more sensitive. I felt the need to change from an electric shaver to blades, but multi-blade razors are outrageously expensive. The Merkur 23C is well-balanced and easy to grip even with wet hands. Over the couple weeks I've been using it, I haven't cut my face to shreds, no blood splatters on the bathroom mirror. Overall, the shave is very comfortable. I'm still trying out various blades to see which ones work best for me, but so far I'm very happy with the razor.

Decent! Not Aggressive!

Great razor, but not aggressive at all. Works fair with shaving and does not cause nicks or cuts if you shave carefully.

Christos Tsiakiris
Merkur 23c

Great overall razor. Knurling is quite functional and the razor gives a mild but clean overall shave. Worth every penny.