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Casswell Massey - Heritage Almond Pre-Shave Oil

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Caswell Massey’s shaving products have been the choice of some of the world’s finest barbers and used daily by generations of American men.

You can now look forward to your morning shave with the Heritage Almond Pre-Shave Oil added to your morning routine. With only a few drops, the pure, natural Pre-Shave Oil provides the deep level of lubrication required to help your blade (straight, double-edged safety, or whatever razor of choice) work with your skin, not against it. An efficient, effective men's grooming workhorse, the Heritage Pre-Shave Oil reduces razor drag by deeply moisturizing skin (eliminating razor burn) and increases razor accuracy by uplifting hair follicles in preparation for a clean cut. With the Heritage Almond Pre-Shave Oil, those with sensitive skin and thick beards will finally be able to take pleasure and pride in a newfound appreciation for life's daily activities.

The pre-shave oil is 100% pure oil, made with organic ingredients, no parabens, sulfates, or phthalates and is cruelty-free.

1 oz / 30ml in a glass bottle with dropper included for ease of application.

Made in the USA.

Customer Reviews

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Nick Malnati
thick, almond scent

The oil is thick and absorbs into the skin and reduces the chance of nick and cuts. Post-shave feel that really makes every soap I work with that much nicer of the experience. I like CELLA Almond soap with Caswell Massey almond oil. It is noticeably better with pre-shave oil.