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Edwin Jagger - 5EJ282SYNST English Shaving Brush, Imitation Light Horn with Synthetic Silver Tip Fiber, Extra Large

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The Edwin Jagger English Shaving Brush with Synthetic Silver Tip Fiber bristles and an Imitation Light Horn resin handle is an excellent shaving brush and will be a great addition to your shaving ritual by gently exfoliating your skin and softening your hair and skin with the rich lather it creates. The comfortable handle will be a delight to hold. 

Overall height 110mm (4.3 inches) Handle height 55mm (2.2 inches) Handle diameter 40mm (1.6 inches)

Knot size 25mm

Made in England.

Customer Reviews

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jonathan saxe
great brush

I had accepted the notion that badger brushes were the best, followed by boar brushes, with synthetics bringing up the rear. I have a Parker silver tip badger, a Semogue owners club two band badger, and a Semogue owners club boar. The Semogues are great, the Parker is good (very floppy). The new Edwin Jagger XL might be my favorite brush. I use them all in rotation, but if I had to have only one it just might be the Edwin Jagger synthetic. I use mostly hard soaps and bowl lather, and have very hard water. It lathers great, and the handle is perfect for my rather large hands. Love the handle.