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Edwin Jagger - Moustache Wax Extra Hold - Bergamot & Cedarwood

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Edwin Jagger mustache wax is hand-crafted using only pure natural waxes (beeswax and carnauba, derived from Brazilian palm trees), along with petroleum jelly and fragrances.  It is great to shape, tame and style your moustache. This is the extra hold version to ensure all day action.

Bergamot oils are used for a light citrus scent, along with cedarwood to blend in some spice. The fragrance is light and fresh, yet exotic. A great combination for something you get to smell all day. 

Before use, ensure the moustache wax is warm and pliable. First, comb your moustache, then using thumb and finger, obtain a pinch of wax. Evenly apply warm wax to your moustache, from center outwards, gently working and shaping the moustache hair right to the ends.

    15ml screw top tin.

    Made in England.


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    Must have Mustache Wax

    Super hold. Clean smooth texture. Great smell. Not for the weak Staches!