Merkur - 23C Long Handle Safety Razor

Merkur - 23C Long Handle Safety Razor

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Merkur 23C is the long handle version of the 3 piece Merkur 15C Classic Safety Razor with a 4" long handle for comfort & control and is a favorite for both men and women.  Finished in chrome, the razor has a knurled non slip handle. Crafted and constructed with German engineering and manufacturing.

Merkur 23C is a great razor for the new enthusiasts entering the classic shaving world but is also favored by veterans due to its sleek look, durable hardware as well as the close comfortable shave achieved.

Classic, sturdy, and built for longevity, Merkur is the highest grade of excellence. 

Made in Solingen, Germany.


Customer Reviews

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Mel S. Cabansag Jr.
Merkur 23C long handle

This Merkur 23c is perfect for my weekly headshave, much more controlable than my HD 34c. I just like the legnth of the handle and feel of the handle.

Alexa Little
The perfect starter razor

I was nervous to try out a traditional safety razor, but I'm so glad I did.

I have very sensitive skin and I'm clumsy, so I used to shave with five-blade disposable razors. I hated throwing them away -- they're expensive and wasteful.

This works just as well, it's cheaper, and it's much better for the environment. I bought this and a 50-pack of Astra Platinum blades and now I'm set for the next 4 years!

Some tips for beginners like me:
To insert the blade, just twist off the handle and drop the razor blade on top of the pegs inside the head. You don't need to use pressure like with a disposable razor; just run it gently along your skin. You DO need some kind of shaving cream or lather so it glides nicely.

I especially recommend this for people who shave their legs because the handle is longer and textured for a better grip.

Thrilled with this razor and thrilled with New England Shaving Company. I ordered yesterday and it arrived today with a bonus pack of blades! Thank you