Premium Safety Razor Blade Sampler
Premium Safety Razor Blade Sampler
Premium Safety Razor Blade Sampler

Premium Safety Razor Blade Sampler

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  • Great opportunity to try 9 leading brands at a great price.
  • 55 Blades of 9 Top Best Brands
  • 10 Blades Each of Feather Yellow and Personna and 5 Blades Each of Feather Black,Permasharp, Durablade Sharp Chromium, Euromax Platinum, Gillette Platinum, Derby Premium and Astra Superior Platinum

Customer Reviews

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Jim LeVine
Simple yet effective

I am a huge fan of the simple package that had a wide variety of blades that I can use to select my forever blade before I order a big bulk package. I was a little disappointed to see some blades were in small plastic boxes and not cardboard but that's not NES fault. I'm excited to visit in person soon.

Peter Dufault
Nice variety

Great variety of blades!

premature assessment

I'll revisit this review when I've had a chance to use the razor and more than 3 of the blades in the sampler. I shave only once a day, sometimes once every other day, but I've already been asked twice for a review.

Great selection

The price is a little steep for the number of blades but they really are premium quality across the board. Highly recommended for anyone just getting into DE shaving.

Nick V
Great buy

I recently bought this as a first time buy with my new Saftey Razor. And I am very pleased! This pack is a great way for a beginner / or anyone) to try all sorts of different blades and see what works best for them and their skin! I am taking notes as I go along and try out each different brand and it has been a lot of fun!