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Edwin Jagger Shaving Products

Edwin Jagger shaving, established in 1988 in the heart of the ‘steel city’ of Sheffield, England, designs and manufactures an extensive range of classic and contemporary expert quality wet shaving razors and accessories.

Skilful design, carefully selected materials and industry-leading manufacturing processes, combined with hand finishing, result in product perfection. Edwin Jagger shaving products look to uphold the heritage of quality steel production and proudly display their Sheffield manufacturing emblem on each product they produce.

We carry a wide range of products, including Edwin Jagger double edge razors with beautiful handles and masterfully designed heads, such as the iconic 3ONE6 and DE89. 

We also have an extensive range of Edwin Jagger brushes available in a variety of synthetic or badger hair and can be perfectly complimented with a classic Edwin Jagger shaving brush stand.

Along with our razors and brushes our collection also offers expertly formulated Edwin Jagger shaving soaps, pre-shaving creams and moustache waxes, stands and travel cases to enrich your traditional shave. 

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What Types of Edwin Jagger Shaving Products are Available?

Our Edwin Jagger collection features a variety of high-quality shaving products, including:

  • Double Edge Safety Razors: Precision-engineered models like the 3ONE6 and DE89, celebrated for their superior design and shaving performance.
  • Shaving Brushes: A selection available in various sizes, with options for synthetic or badger hair bristles, designed for an optimal lather and shaving experience.
  • Shaving Soap Triple Packs: Offering a variety of scents, these packs allow users to experience different fragrances and find their preferred option.
  • Pre-Shave Lotions: Luxurious formulations designed to prepare the skin for a smoother shave, enhancing the overall shaving experience.
  • Razor Travel Cases: Stylish and practical travel cases with a carbon fiber texture, perfect for maintaining your grooming routine while on the move.
  • Brush Stands: Elegant brush stands are available in different finishes, providing a proper storage solution that extends the life of your shaving brush.

This curated selection offers everything needed for a traditional wet shaving routine, blending functionality with elegance for a superior grooming experience.


Where are Edwin Jagger razors made?

Edwin Jagger razors are meticulously crafted in Sheffield, England, a city with a celebrated history in steel and cutlery production. This legacy of excellence is a testament to the quality and craftsmanship embedded in each razor. 

Sheffield's renowned manufacturing techniques, combined with Edwin Jagger's innovative design and commitment to quality, ensure that each razor not only meets but exceeds the expectations of wet shaving enthusiasts around the world.

What are the different knots used in Edwin Jagger brushes?

Here are the types of knots commonly used in Edwin Jagger brushes:

Synthetic Knots: These knots are made from synthetic fibres that mimic the properties of natural hair. They are known for their softness, quick drying time, and cruelty-free nature. Edwin Jagger's synthetic knots provide excellent lathering ability and are suitable for those who prefer vegan or animal-free products.

Badger Hair Knots: Badger hair knots are known for their luxurious feel and excellent water retention properties. They come in different grades, including best and silver tip, each offering varying levels of softness and backbone. Edwin Jagger's badger hair brushes provide a rich lather and gentle exfoliation, making them a favourite among wet shaving enthusiasts.

Boar Hair Knots: Boar hair knots are known for their stiffness and exfoliating properties. They have a natural ability to retain heat and water, making them ideal for creating a thick, creamy lather. Edwin Jagger's boar hair brushes offer excellent value for money and are favoured by those who enjoy a firm brush feel.

Each type of knot offers a unique shaving experience, allowing users to customise their routine according to their preferences and skin type. Whether you prefer the softness of synthetic fibres, the luxurious feel of badger hair, or the exfoliating properties of boar hair, Edwin Jagger has a brush to suit your needs.