Fine Accoutrements

Fine Accoutrements have been created by Todd Cerami, an ex Finance guy, now known as "Mr. Fine". He started to get interested in traditional wet shaving and found out that the benefits of traditional wet shaving far exceeded all of his initial expectations in terms of transforming his entire shaving experience from a chore to a pleasure. He was most interested in experimenting with various traditional wet shaving products, but eventually came to realize that his favorite part of the experience was the aftershave splash. The awesome scents, combined with an invigorating cooling sensation, just brought the whole experience together in an especially satisfying way. When he tried a renowned Austrian aftershave he was immediately started exploring with new ideas to recreate a classic aftershave splash with only four basic ingredients non of which contains petroleum-based or artificial colors or strange emulsifiers. And it has been an instant success with word of mouth and a huge explosive growth. All Fine products are modern refreshes of simple, elegant and classic traditional shaving products.