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Rex Supply Co - Ambassador Adjustable Safety Razor

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$295.00 - $445.00
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Rex Supply Co. presents “The Ambassador,” the company’s premier double edge safety razor that customizes your shaving experience in both closeness and comfort. This product was developed by wet shaving enthusiasts to deliver a fully customizable shaving experience. Whether this is your first double edge safety razor or you’re a long time-wet shaver looking for an elevated experience, The Ambassador delivers a clean, close shave without the tugging, pulling and skin irritations commonly found with multi-blade razors.

When you first hold The Ambassador you’ll immediately notice its quality. This double edge safety razor is manufactured from marine-grade stainless steel for maximum durability and ease-of-use. It is perfectly weighted and balanced and features a “Sure Grip” handle that makes the razor easy to hold, even when wet.

The Ambassador is infinitely adjustable, making it easy to find the best possible blade exposure for your skin. Just turn the integrated dial up for down to adjust the amount of blade gap for a milder or more aggressive shave. It is fully compatible with any double edge blade, giving you lots of options and combinations to “dial-in” a consistently perfect shaving experience. After just a few passes, you’ll find the razor glides across the skin almost effortlessly, while leaving behind a noticeably soft, clean and fully groomed path.

The Ambassador razor is “Made in the USA” and designed for a lifetime of use. Each razor features an individual serial number and a manufacturing code that adheres to the classic Gillette® product dating system. This razor comes with a lifetime warranty.

Made in the USA.

Length: 3.5" 89mm
Weight: 3.73oz 106g
Blade Gap: 0.012" - 0.052"

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Color: Stainless Steel

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jack Blacker
Time and attention was taken in the creation of this razor:

I'm using the "Ambassador," on the "1," setting and I only get about one cut per shave... whereas, I also have the Rex, -"Envoy," shaver, and the Envoy, leaves my face covered in blood every time...

So I guess, in "Manufacturing Rex Co. Land," if you're an "Ambassador," it's not acceptable to be cut up to much but if you're an "Envoy," it's okay if you're a bloody pulp.

I'm using "Feather," blades,.. which is a "death-sentence" with the Envoy, but quite good, with the Ambassador.

Thanks Rex Shaver Co. for being the only company making a product worth considering in the early 2020's.

I also have the "stand;" the stand is nice: worth the hundred bucks.

Awesome Adjustable Razor!

I have a Feather AS-D2 razor and it's good quality, except, it's too mild of a razor. I chose the Rex Ambassador, because it's adjustable, settings 1 through 6.

It's got a good weight to it, 3.7 ounces, so you don't need to apply any pressure, just let the weight of the razor, carry the blade through the cut.

The handle has got a super grip texture, I've never had the razor slip in my hand, and I've used it a bunch of times already.

The adjustment knob is super intuitive, and the bottom blade release knob is easy to use too, in order to change a blade or clean. This is not one of those overcomplicated razors!

Ive used Feather blades and Bic blades so far, both work well in this razor, the Feathers are just sharper is all. Setting 1 is super mild, like Feather AS-D2.

Setting 3 feels like a mid aggression razor. Settings 5 and 6 would be high agreesion. I like to use setting 4 to do my initial WTG pass. Then I use setting 1 and 2 for my ATG passes.

As with all razors, how smooth they shave, depends on your pre shave and lather. But as long as you've done good face prep, good lather, and good blade, you will get smooth shaves with this.

If your a beginner, I recommend settings 1 and 2. If your more experienced, use settings 2 through 4. The razor is super quality, I love it!

If you are looking for a quality adjustable razor, you can't go wrong with the Rex Ambassador. 5 out of 5 stars

Zach C
Expensive but impressive

Never thought I’d spend this much money on a razor. I’ve had other DE safety razors, a nice electric, but lately felt I wanted better, to step up the game. This Ambassador is amazing quality, pure craftsmanship. Nothing like I’ve had before. I did a ton of research, which actually delayed my purchase by a month. Wanted an adjustable. Looked at the Parker, Mercur, etc. this bad boy is is no joke, stainless steel, heavy, great adjustment capability, just perfect. Hope to be able to pass it down to my son some day. Wish the Rex stand for this wasn’t so absurdly expensive, but I’ll find another alternative option. Also, if shout out to New England Shaving Co. Process was simple, email confirmation was immediate with accurate detail. Mailing was super quick, maybe 3 days, but I paid slightly extra for the mail upgrade.

B. Shaver
Top Down

I've had enough shaving experience to appreciate the quality shave this razor provides. Sometimes the saying is true "You get what you pay for" and I feel I purchased a razor that was worth the cost. When getting a job done it is often the case of having the proper tool to get a professional result. If you are looking for a solidly made shaving tool that should last a lifetime - then this should be a top consideration. I have a thick enough beard but also have reasonably sensitive skin. The adjustment is fine enough to not tear but cut. I have only used the supplied blades so far and they are also of good quality and have been lasting as long as a brand name multi blade pivot razor at a fraction of the cost. I had used a Gillette butterfly adjustable in past years and liked it but this gives quite a bit smoother shave. The weight of this razor is substantial but remains balanced with a short handle and the knurls are deep to give a good grip. I appreciate that it is not plated but solid stainless which is part of the reason I purchased it, as I've had other razors with plating wear off or flake. Within a few days I became comfortable enough to shave in the shower without a mirror and have not nicked myself yet. I couldn't find another adjustable razor of this quality available though others may give a comparable shave I don't think I will have to ever try and find another again.