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Mike's Natural Shaving Soaps

Great artisan shaving soaps made 100% naturally and in the USA.

Mike started getting into classic shaving in 2009 and started using a safety razor with a shaving soap and brush. He was really happy that he was able to transform his morning shaves from unpleasant chore to a luxurious treat.

He started experimenting with a wide variety of soaps and creams and wanted to try creating his own shaving soap. With great results and strong feedback from friends and family he decided to create his own brand which immediately became an instant hit. His shaving soaps with all natural ingredients and innovative natural scents are highly sought after in the classic shaving circles. We are proud to carry a broad selection of his products available anywhere. We are sure that you will really enjoy Mike's Natural Shaving Soaps in a jar or as a puck. 


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