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Martin de Candre - Fern Shaving Soap - 200g in Jar

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Fern (Fougere) by Martin de Candre is a delicate fresh and green fragrance. The soaps will create a refreshing feel that will stay throughout the day. 

For more than 40 years, Martin de Candre manufactures the finest handmade shaving soaps in the world in Marseille, France. At Martin de Candre, everything is made with a very manual and long process, everything is weighed by hand and manually processed because this is the right way to create the best shaving soap in the world. 

Manufactured by a hot saponification process without the addition of any preservatives other than vegetable oils and potassium, the soap is scented by essential oils while it is still hot. The long drying/aging process after this steps takes around 4 to 5 months and creates a very dense soap with an exceptional scent and composition.

The soap has a remarkable longevity and a 200gr jar will last for over a year for a typical daily wet shaver. 

In 200g crystal jar with aluminum lid.

Made in France.

Customer Reviews

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Shane DeMille
A legendary soap with absolutely no performance anxiety

Martin de Candre has a venerable reputation in the wet shaving community. Expensive, yes, but you get a lot in the 200gm jar, and it takes only a couple shavings in my lather bowl to get a three pass shave. The scent is subtle but oh so pleasant. It reminds me of older times when life seemed less complicated. Men were men and identified as such. I look forward to getting the other soaps from this brand.