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Rockwell - 6S Adjustable Safety Razor

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$119.90 - $149.90
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Rockwell 6S is an innovative and classic design crafted from pure stainless steel. The razor has 6 different levels of adjustment that helps any user to adjust the blade gap and determine the aggressiveness and closeness of the shave desired. You will feel the quality of the 6S when you hold it in your hand. The head heavy design will allow you to easily handle the razor while achieving maximum efficiency and comfort. The Rockwell 6S is guaranteed to turn your shave routine into an experience you'll love and look forward to. You will say goodbye to ingrown hairs, razor burn, and skin irritation, so that you get a close, comfortable shave, every time.

When the setting is set to a low aggressiveness, even a beginner can easily handle the razor for a very smooth shave without any nicks or cuts. While experienced shavers will find that the highest settings of 5 or 6 will allow an extra level of closeness. You will also realize that the razor brings the best out of the razor blade you are using by providing the perfect angle and stability which impacts the sharpness, closeness and durability of the razor blade. 

    Includes 5 Rockwell Stainless Steel Razor Blades. Designed in Canada. 


    Color: Matte Black

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Well worth the money

    I'm really happy I purchased this, it makes shaving enjoyable again. The adjustable setting is awesome and in long run I'll be saving a lot of money. I have to shave every day for work and I have not once nicked myself. I find that I can get a quick shave in if I I'm short on time without the worry of accidentally cutting myself.
    This is much better than the crappy monthly subscription blades that are out there. Honestly I dreaded shaving with those because the blades were dull after one shave and it was kind of painful to shave with.
    $15 can get you 100 Rockwell blades and they last a good 4-5 shaves. Like I said above, shaving is once again enjoyable and there is a nice nostalgic/masculine/debonair feeling about using this razor.

    Shikhar Vaibhav
    Works very well on various criteria for me

    shaving is a very personal experience, rockwell 6s works for many shavers, including me.
    i am not new to wet shaving but still a beginner. this razor is smooth, tolerant to mistakes, gives options for wide variety of users. there are many other good options in this price range and this one is also great. it seems to be built to last a long time.


    I am 67 which means I’ve seen and used a lot of razors. This method of adjustability using different plates to space the blade exposure is brilliant. I have used this for a few weeks and I have to say it’s a hit. I bought the red color model and of course that makes things better :) I am very, very impressed with the shave quality and how smooth the razor shaves. I don’t think I could have bought a better razor!

    Mitch Allard
    Hefty Weight

    This shaver is solidly built. It is slightly heavier than other shavers I have, but feels very good in hands. Custom smooth shave.

    Elsa Nrodin

    Most perfect razor I’ve ever used. Perfect balance. Best with Feather blades.
    Love it.