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Astra - Green Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades

by Astra
Original price $1.49 - Original price $12.99
Original price
$1.49 - $12.99
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Astra Superior Platinum razor blades are known for their high quality smooth shave and durability for a long lasting shave. They are coated with Platinum Edge for extra comfort and sharpness. Imported from the Czech Republic.

Each Package contains 5 blades. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great shaver

Easy to use and not stuck buying expensive blades

Sharp enough and consistent

I've been using these blades for several years now, and I've never been disappointed. I know that many find them less sharp than Feather, but I don't need anything sharper than these. And they are consistent from one blade to the next, year after year. Finally, they last. If you do two passes every time you shave, you're probably looking at three to four days per blade. One pass, of course, will extend life accordingly. Regardless, a great blade.

Charles Wemyss

Since returning to a traditional "safety razor" having New England Shaving Company's ability to supply a top razor blade is fantastic. The order and delivery were correct and prompt. The Astra Blades are great. Would recommend both New England Shaving Company and the Astra blades to any and all.

Ellis F Gordon
Astra vs Merkur Blades

I have used Feather, Merkur, Astra and Derby Blades. I am currently using Astra Blades in my Merkur Safety Razors. They are excellent, sharp, non irritating and last for many shaves. I find the Merkur Blades to be dull, and last only 3 or 4 shaves at most. The Feather are excellent and comparable to the Astra. I will have to try the Feather Blades again before making that comparison. For the money Astra Blades are a tremendous value--5 Stars easily.

Richard Northey
Astra green

These are the best DE blades I have ever used. Close shave no nicks and I have somewhat sensitive skin