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Edwin Jagger - DE89 Double Edge Safety Razor, Chrome

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The DE89 is a traditional three piece razor that provides a perfect balance with the handle and the head design. It delivers a mild to moderate aggression rating which is perfect for beginners and new wet shaving enthusiasts. You can achieve a very close shave and reduce ingrowing hairs and irritation on your skin. A brass tubular handle that has been chrome plated looks great and will continue to look great for a lifetime and perform flawlessly. It comes with a single Feather double edge blade.

Made in England.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Beautiful finish

My husband absolutely loves this razor. I bought it for him for Christmas. He had been researching razors and this is what he chose.

Ron from Lynn MA
Solid razor decent price.

Don't buy something cheap. Consider this instead. Solid razor to begin with. It has a little aggression to it imho.