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Edwin Jagger - DE89KN14 Knurled Handle Double Edge Safety Razor

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The DE89KN14 is one of the new products Edwin Jagger has introduced with a knurled that ensures Extra Grip. A traditional three piece razor that provides a perfect balance with the handle and the head design. It delivers a mild to moderate aggression rating which is perfect for beginners and new wet shaving enthusiasts. You can achieve a very close shave and reduce ingrowing hairs and irritation on your skin. A highly knurled chrome plated brass handle looks great and will continue to look great for a lifetime and perform flawlessly. It comes with a single Feather double edge blade.

Made in England.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
George Mack
EJ Knurled Handle Razor

Very happy with this razor! Great feel and nice weight gives a great shave! Much lower chance of nicks and my face feels great after shaving!

Esequiel Garza

Super awesome razor! I am new to DE shaving. I started with the Muhle R41 which is an aggressive shave. The EJ razor is less aggressive compared to the Muhle. I must say it is true when they say the EJ is a great beginners razor—less likely to nick yourself. Shaving with the EJ is like riding in a Cadillac—super plush and less likely to get hurt. Shaving with the Muhle is like driving a Ferrari—super precise but if you do not know what you are doing you will hurt yourself.
The EJ has a nice light feel to it. It is easy to hold and handle; and it has a beautiful chrome finish to it—gives a nice luxurious feel. I highly recommend complimenting with a feather blade. Happy shaving 🪒 .

Very nice shaver at a realistic price.

This razor exceeds expectations. It produces a mild yet close shave with a variety of blades from Persona, Feather, Gillette and Astra. The fit and finish are excellent. I find the shaver well balanced. It feels comfortable in the hand. But the best part is the shave. It is smooth and close. I recomend this razor.