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Merkur - 24C Extra Long Handle Safety Razor - Chrome

by Merkur
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Merkur 24C is the extra long handle version of the 3 piece Merkur 15C Classic Safety Razor with a 5" long handle is finished in chrome and has a knurled non slip handle. Crafted and constructed with German engineering and manufacturing.  

This is a brand new unisex safety razor for extra grip, control and to get to all the hard to reach places. A recommended razor for sensitive skin types as it is the least aggressive among the Merkur safety razors.

Classic, sturdy, and built for longevity, Merkur is the highest grade of excellence. 

Made in Solingen, Germany.


Customer Reviews

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Glen R.
[****] XL RAZOR

If your looking for a mild and forgiving razor with a generously long handle, this is the razor for you! I use this razor for head shaving as I tend to find a longer handle more comfortable in general for such. The handle has great knurling so it provides an excellent grip and the long handle provides a more secure feeling to me. If your the type that likes to "choke" up on the razor handle, then this might not be the razor for you. The Merkur 23C may be a better choice. The razor pleasantly has more heft than I was expecting. The handle is chrome plated brass and is where the majority of the weight is. I'd love to see this razor offered in a 100% Stainless Steel option! Great for beginners and experienced wet shavers alike.