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Merkur - Progress Adjustable Safety Razor

by Merkur
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Merkur Progress is a 2 piece adjustable safety razor finished in chrome with a short deeply fluted handle for an effortless grip. 

The Progress allows you adjust the angle of the blade by simply twisting the base of the handle. It has been introduced in 1955 and has been a legend since. It has settings of between 1 and 5 with half settings. The higher the number you dial up to, the closer the shave you will get. Some men will start off on number 1 or 2 and dial-up to finish off with a higher setting. Progress makes it possible to use any type of blades and relatively more cost effective ones since you can immediately adjust the aggressiveness of the blade by adjusting the setting. 

Classic, sturdy, and built for longevity, Merkur is the highest grade of excellence. Crafted and constructed with German engineering and manufacturing. 

Made in Solingen, Germany.

Customer Reviews

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Dan S.
Great design

Great designed and comfortable razor. The quality is there and I really like the adjustable feature. Unfortunately it came with no instructions and took me to a German site - luckily though the internet saves the day and I was able to figure it out with no hassle!

Great quality razor and even the blade by Merkur are top notch